Year: Various
Run Time: Feature Length
Format: HD transfer from 35mm Film
Language: English


NBC’s Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central’s Mystery Science Theatre 3000 proved that Monsters and Kung Fu Action movies are a great source of laughs. Young adult audiences will watch KUNG FU’S GREATEST HITS again and again. Fans can never  get enough of the crazy plots and impossible martial arts action.  Where else can just a few heroes with colourful names like Dirty Half Dozen or Ten Tigers defeat an army, save a village from a stampeding elephants, marry the princess and foil the Big Boss in 95 minutes or less?
HD transfer from 35mm film.
Superdragon: the Bruce Lee Story....biography of a Kung Fu legend
Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge...defends workers from corrupt union boss
Blind Fist of Bruce....unlikely heroes combat evildoers to save village
Fist of Fury II...Bruce avenges brother’s death and Dojo’s ruin
Fists of Vengeance... Samurai assassin targets long lost brother
Bloody Fist... Will Drug lord’s new karate style ruin hero’s love life?
King Boxer...epic rescue of princess from triads in Thailand
Prodigal Boxer...mother trains son in kung Fu revenge saga
Young Tiger...framed hero must fight to preserve honor
Tiger Claw... obsession & secrets revealed as boxing styles clash
Militant Eagle...classic saga pits mythic forces of good vs. evil
Moonlight Sword & Jade Lion...Imperial Dynasty needs Kung Fu heroes
Story in Temple Red Lilly...Patriot tries to save Dynasty and Princess
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu...fighting exploits of 10 Tigers of Quon Tung
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks...pickpocket becomes martial arts hero
Amsterdam company front for drugs is foiled
Bloody Fight... Master’s daughter seeks justice and revenge
Struggle through mine prison break Kung Fu style

All in Color! All HD! All unsynchronized for your listening enjoyment!



Bruce Lee


Year: Various
Run Time: Feature Length
Format: HD transfer from 35mm Film
Language: English