Sep 23, 2014
TORONTO Sept. 17, 2014 - The Fremantle Corporation (TFC) announced today the acquisition of Four Senses from Accessible Media Inc. and Varner Productions Limited, and Fight Xchange from IMC, Nomad Films and Rebel Media Ventures International for release at MIPCOM. 

Four Senses is a unique cooking series starring blind Master Chef USA winner Christine Ha and fully sighted Top Chef Canada winner, Carl Heinrich.  With a 13 episodes completed and an additional 13 episodes being shot for delivery in January 2015, each 30 minute episode will explore different themes such as aroma, texture and romance along with guest celebrity chefs cooking segments,  accessibility tips and tools for independence in the kitchen. 

"Four Senses takes an innovative approach to accessibility with the description of the on screen action being 
worked directly into the program and thus eliminating the need for an additional narration track. This makes our new show more appealing to a wider variety of buyers whether they have accessible TV provisions in their mandates or not,." observes Diane Tripp, V.P. International sales for TFC.

Fight Xchange is a 10 part, half hour, action packed documentary series that offers an intimate and emotional portrait of six up and coming MMA fighters who travel overseas to train with some of the sport’s best in preparation for the biggest challenge of their lives and a chance at realizing their dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter.  The 10 completed episodes put a spot light on Canadian and Brazilian fighters. An additional 10 half hours for season 2 are slated for delivery in October 2015 as the focus shifts to Canada and Japan. 

"With our unique approach to storytelling, Fight Xchange is sure to be a hit amongst fans and non-fans of the sport as they are drawn in by the stories of our compelling characters, and the often painful sacrifices they make in pursuit of achieving their dreams,” said Aaron Avruskin, Producer and Executive. 

Per Diane Tripp, V.P. International sales of The Fremantle Corporation, “While these new series are as different as can be, both reflect the personal commitment to the subject matter by their respective producers and both are back for a second season. Our cooking show FOUR SENSES is empowering for the visually challenged yet remains a highly entertaining food related series as well. FIGHT XCHANGE is also empowering in depicting a group of MMA fighters in pursuit of their dream while at the same time serving as entertainment for viewers, be they fans of the sport or not. Both series deliver on more than one level.”