Aug 23, 2013
TORONTO, August 23, 2013 - THE FREMANTLE CORPORATON (TFC) has completed license agreements with several broadcasters, including new deals in Africa, Scandinavia and Central Europe announced TFC’s V.P. Diane Tripp.

Horse 1, a new channel in Scandinavia dedicated to all things equine, will be the first out of the gate to debut all 104 digitally re-mastered half hours of " The Adventures of Black Beauty" set to debut this coming holiday season.“Shot on film, we are amazed at how sharp and fresh the series looks,” said TFC’s President, Randy Zalken who anticipates significant interest in the classic family series.

"A World of Wonders", the award winning Canadian-produced children's series (104 x 11 minutes), adds young viewers in the Czech Republic (Českátelevise) and Sub Sahara Africa (ZUKU/Wananchi Programming) with contemporaries in other countries including Canada (TVOntario), Australia  (ABC), Jamaica (TVJ), Turkey (National Geographic), Hong Kong (TVB), South Korea (MBC) and Kuwait (Kuwait TV). The series is shot across the globe and is told from a child’s perspective. WOW continues to link children together from diverse cultures.